13 April, 2010

Random Eats and My Workout

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful, which was great, because my dorm and our two sister/brother dorms had a little BBQ outside with sports and games. Luckily the food ordering was done by the RAs in my dorm, so there were plenty of fruits and veggies. It seems like everyone knows about my eating habits...haha.

The view from outside my window...you can't see much but I promise everyone was out there!

 I couldn't stay too long because I had to study for two massive tests for today. And thank goodness they're now over. In the middle of my last test, there was a fire drill. Really? That kind of threw off my concentration, but I still finished on time, whew.

I went on another grocery shopping run and somehow managed to consume all the "good" food already, haha. This whole day I've been craving chocolate, and the only chocolate they have at the campus store is milk chocolate, which I'm not really a fan of, but if worse comes down to worse... ;-)

Some of yesterday's eats:

My absolute fav...I had a whole stash of bananas in my room and I was just waiting for the exact ripeness: yellow with just a few brown spots. Yum. The rest I'm planning on perhaps making banana ice cream...

My other love: carrots and hummus. I usually just take hummus from the dining hall, but this time I got some Sabra Garlic Hummus. Ja, it's good, but I prefer homemade.

Dates: food of the gods. And me. :)

So I tried the Oatmeal Raisin flavor a while back during Lent, and I've been dying to try a chocolate flavor of theirs. I chose Chocolate Coconut.

It wasn't what I expected. It had a kind of funky taste that's hard to describe. It had little chocolate chips in it and I definitely could taste flaked coconut. But it was really sweet. A little too sweet for me. I don't think I'd buy this flavor again, but I'm not giving up on the bars yet!

This was actually from a little while ago, but why not include it?

I asked what you'd like to see on the blog, and Amy answered, "and about your posts, you're in college, so talk about how you overcome the obstacle of balancing your healthy diet and school. Do you workout? you should post some of that progress as well. " 

Okay, my workout:

Every day (excepting Sundays, my rest day) I do 45 minutes of cardio, be it running, elliptical, or Zumba! Then on alternating days I do abs or weight training. Saturday is my mishmosh day: sometimes I do HIIT, the StairMaster, the ski machine (although I don't use that one all that often because it's so odd...), etc. The weather up here is not that great, so I don't get outside to jog very often. :-( But when the weather is great, there's a beautiful trail right by the Gorge that's fun to take. Back to the gym workout. 

I usually get up around 6:30 and get ready to go. I get to the gym around 6:50 and get back to my dorm around 8:00-8:15.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: Abs, abs, and more abs. 

        One of my friends is in ROTC and he taught me that ab routine that they do. It's basically a circuit of ten exercises with 30 reps each. I usually do 40 of each.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays: Weights

       The bulk of my weight sesh is made up of 60 lunges and 60 squats. Then I dabble in some arms and butt stuff, but it's nothing too intense.

So there you have it. I'm usually a hot, sweaty mess by the time I finish, but that's how I like it.

Happy Tuesday!

Giveaway for Everything Raw bars!

Questions: Do you have any suggestions for spicing up my ab or weight routine? I don't want to get stuck in a rut...

What's your favorite type of chocolate?

And as always, if you have any suggestions for the blog or any questions for me, feel free to email!


  1. My favorite type of chocolate has to be dark. Overall, Green & Black's makes a good line

  2. I do fitness classes every day:
    Monday - bodypump (counts as my weight workout)
    Tuesday - BodyJam (cardio..it's like Zumba)
    Wednesday - Dance lessons and some weight lifting if time permits
    Thursday - Pilates + HIIT cardio or BodyKombat
    Friday - BodyJam + weights
    Saturday - Bodypump + bodyjam + core class

    Every day I do some ab work along with my other exercises.

    Crazyyyy!!! But, it's so much fun. :)

  3. I haven't done ab work in forever, since I feel like going to the gym is wasting my life! If I can't run outside, I either take a rest day or brave the swirling machine of death. Today has been rest day #2 for me after Sunday's big day, and training had been spotty last week. I guess I need to get back into a routine!

  4. I love looking up new ab exercises online, there's so many of them and then you never get bored!! And my favorite kind of chocolate is anything REALLY dark...I love Lindt 85%!

  5. really glad you decided to enter the giveaway...and good luck!!!


  6. thanks for saying that about the rawvolution..i am the only raw foodie who's never had one :) so good info!

    and the chatfields carob i see in that pic...everyone says that's the best. i admit, me and carob have not been friends and ive spent tons on really expensive carob but it tastes...meh. I think i need the chats!

  7. I'm plain vanilla- I don't like chocolate that much!

  8. That was nice of your RAs to order lots of fruits & veggies! I find it so weird how other people find out about my eating habits. Seriously, I've met people who didn't even know my name and they're like "ohh, you're the vegan?!" <-- the vegan...ugh lol

    I've been doing the same mini ab routine for years and I still have abs so I figure...why change it, ya know?

  9. my best friend is raw and she's always feeding me her food- SO YUM. i like the idea of ur blog.. eating raw through college... which is probably one of the hardest times to do so.. or maybe i should say.. probably one of the most important times to do so (given the crummy caf food out there)

  10. Thank you very much! You're too sweet! Ugh, CB leftovers are swoon-worthy. I wish I could just stock my fridge and eat a different flavor every day. I'd probably be the size of a house though..lol