11 April, 2010

A Math Lesson

Thanks for all your comments...and now I think I have everything figured out.

As I said, my friends and I were going to watch a movie. Sorry Gabriela, but Titanic didn't win out with everyone...We ended up watching Pretty Woman instead, which I had never seen, so it was okay with me. I hadn't had dinner, so I cut up two sweet potatoes and went down to put them in the convection oven, but I discovered that it wasn't working. Apparently the plug it was plugged into wasn't working, so I was a bit bummed until an ROTC guy came by and offered to move the oven to a different spot for me so I could plug it in a different plug. And it worked! Always nice to have help from a hunk... ;-)

They may look dry and unappetizing, but let me tell you, underneath all that was a sweet, smooshy texture, just like how sweet potatoes are supposed to be.

And I think I must be dreaming, because the dining hall keeps having fresh berries, what is that? So I took back some blackberries for snackage.

I also bought one of these Naked juices:

Compared to a regular smoothie, it's super sweet, but I really love the thickness of it.

Remember how I said I wanted to create something? Well, this juice spurred me on. Ready for a math lesson?




How did it taste? Surprisingly delicious. Most chia puddings have nut milk in them, so using juice as the liquid was something quite different, but it worked. Obviously it didn't turn out creamy, but it was still good.

Yesterday  I went double shopping: clothes AND food. I'll post about it later, since I need to get some work done before church. Have a wonderful Sunday morning!

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  1. That was pretty creative to combine the juice and chia seeds!

    Clothes + Food shopping are the best kinds :D Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. thanks for the linkage and love your chia creation!

  3. You got some berries like that in a dining hall? Amazing!

  4. Pretty Woman is a great movie too, so I'll let you slip :)

  5. Glad you are figuring everything out. School..majors, can be tough! Good luck with everything.

    Oh I love the movie Pretty Woman.
    Pure2raw twins

  6. Looks like the sweet potatoes turned out better this time. I'm so happy for you, especially since you got a hunk to help you :-)

    I saw Pretty Woman when it first came out. I even had the soundtrack on a tape (now, I'm showing my age). It never gets old.