28 June, 2010

I'm Back...with Exciting News!

Whew...my posts are getting few and far between. Sorry about that, but sharing a computer and skype with a roommate while I'm halfway across the world (not really, but you get the idea) makes blogging a bit difficult. However, I've been faithfully keeping up with photos of my eats. I think I'll just make this post a deluge of pictures and let them speak for themselves.

And want to know something exciting? Find out after the pictures!

My absolute favorite meal is fresh tomatoes dressed with fruity olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and salt. It's to die for.

I'm not a drinker by any means, so when the waiter poured me this little bit of wine, it took me the whole dinner just to finish it. Not a fan...

Panna cotta shared with a friend. It was the first time I've had it, and it was pretty good, but my favorite part was the berries.

Seriously the best gelato I've tasted. It came from a gelateria in Milano that has biodegradable spoons (can you read it on the spoon in the picture?) and uses only seasonal ingredients. And the best part? That chocolate gelato is dark chocolate AND dairy-free. Wow.

Minestrone. I'm not used to eating off of such big spoons, haha.

Rosmary roasted potatoes. The outside was crispy; the inside was creamy. I've never had such perfectly cooked potatoes in the US. I can't wait to get back and experiment. 

Some non-food happenings abroad (because I know you're all dying to know, haha...):

A fashion exhibit from the 50s at one of the villas...

I was all excited and ready to try out for the X factor (the European version of American Idol), until they told me I had to have an Italian identity card. Boo...what a bummer.

Prada...modeling, haha.

Il Duomo in Milano...isn't it beautiful?

Gondolas in Venice.

I've been working a lot (boo unpaid internships), but I love being abroad.

The BIG news. Ready?

Are you really ready?


I just completed my first day of INSANITY.

It was only the fitness test, so it really wasn't that bad. But I'm waiting for Shaun T. to kick my butt. I can't wait. ;-)


  1. How was insanity?? my friends are doing it a million miles from my and I really don't know much about it. congrats on day one :)

    I love the old vintage exhibit!

  2. Yay for Insanity. We are in our month 2 of the program. Good luck with yours!

    Pure2Raw Twins