12 July, 2010

Going Wild

This weekend, I did something wild and crazy. Okay, so it wasn't that wild, but it was one of the those once in a lifetime things. So what'd I do?

I went cliff-jumping.

Not this cliff-jumping:

But rather this (less intense) version:

Cool, right? We went to a beach for the weekend. It was excruciatingly hot; it was over 100F with humidity. I was sweating just sitting doing nothing. Needless to say, I spent some quality time reading a rather strange men's fashion magazine in the shade with a bunch of other old Italian peeps.

I've also enjoyed some terrific food. My mother and sister came to visit, and we stopped by this trattoria that had this wonderful mushroom dish. It was layered in a casserole dish: baby greens, tiny toasted bread cubes, matchstick zucchini and carrots, and topped with porcini mushroom slices and a teensy bit of melted cheese. Seriously, it was quite delicious.

Since it's July here in Italy, that means super sales! I tried to buy this skirt (okay, I confess, I wanted to buy the whole store) at ZARA, but it wasn't on sale. Sigh. I had to settle on H&M instead.

I'm rocking my 3 euro sunglasses from H&M at the gardens in my work-hotel. Lady Gaga, no?

I've also been enjoying these delicious chocolate almonds (confetti) from the wedding of one of my coworkers. They've been insane.

Toffee-almond filled...

Plain-jane chocolate-covered that was anything but plain-jane...

White chocolate-orange almond...

I'm going to try, try, try to post more often...I still have a plethora of food pictures to share with you!


I'm begging you, what are the new hottest songs in America? Most online radio stations don't work in Italy. Please share!

Something to listen to: one of the hot summer songs in Italy.


  1. California Gurls by Katy Perry is still HUGE. And I have to admit I love it

  2. Anything with Lady Gaga is always popular :) Love the sunglasses :) Too cute!

    Pure2Raw Twins