16 June, 2010

The Unexpected

When traveling, I've come to expect the unexpected. That being said, I've encountered quite the array of unexpected things. Take this evening, for example, when I sat down to eat by myself but was joined shortly thereafter by one of the concierges, and we had a nice chat (albeit a cursory one limited by my language skills). Below are some other surprising things.

The first time I took an orange from the dining area here, or mensa, I was expecting a regular orange, but was I ever surprised to peel one open and find this:

It might not look like much until you check this out:

It's like a partial blood orange, and let me tell you, it was quite juicy and delicious.

That's right, McDonald's bottles its own mayonnaise to sell...gross...

And look! You can make your own chocolate panini with these slices of chocolate that are eerily akin to individually wrapped cheese slices...

That may look like a hunk of cheese in the middle of grilled veggies, until I discovered when I poked it with a fork, this happened:

Oozy, gooey cheese reminiscent of a runny sunny-side up egg.

And I've learned that when you order the 3 euro bruschetta on the menu, you'll end up getting something that looks like a pizza.

Finally, the best unexpected surprise, which (surprise! or not) involves gelato:

The flavor on the left is one of the most delicious I have had: pompelmo, or grapefruit.


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  1. I love Gelato! I the best place to get it is in Italy, so enjoy it!!

    Pure2raw twins