16 May, 2010

Up in the Air

I'm in a hotel room is Dallas recovering from my sister's graduation this morning. Let's just say I was not made for the warm weather, haha...

Between flights yesterday I stopped to get some dinner. I was walking through terminals, deciding on a place to get a good salad (since the dining hall decided not to put out any salad greens on the last day, WHAT?!?), when I came upon a store called Cibo, a Gourmet Market. Ooo. Gourmet. I had to stop in. And the first thing that greeted me? Green & Black's chocolate bars. But at $5.99 each, I couldn't afford that airport mark up. So I moseyed on over to the refrigerated section and picked out a lovely grilled veggie salad. But chocolate kept calling my name. So I agreed on a Chocolove peppermint chocolate bar...and it was only a dollar cheaper, but somehow I could justify that price, haha.

I went to find a secluded gate to sit at and eat, since I was intending to take pictures and I didn't want to field the awkward stares. As soon as I sat down to devour the salad, I realized I hadn't gotten any silverware. Bummer. So I packed everything up and went to the  first food place I saw: Starbucks. I felt bad just asking for silverware, so I ordered a vanilla roiboos tea. I never knew how to pronounce that until I read it on the back of a tea can: ROY-boss. Good to know, good to know.

Then I headed back to my little spot and had a lovely time after dinner, sipping tea and nibbling chocolate. That's my perfect way to relax.

I promptly removed the soggy pita chips...

It was only $6.95...totally worth it!

The last apple I filched from the dining hall earlier in the day...

I love the taste of this tea...it kind of tastes like apple juice with a vanilla aftertaste...

Ah! Mint + chocolate = Claire love.

There are little hearts imprinted on each square of chocolate...

I would have rotated this picture, but uploading is taking quite a long time on this hotel connection...but anyway, each chocolate bar has a love poem in it, and this particular one was from Romeo and Juliet.

I'll be helping my sister pack up all her stuff and hopefully experiencing some fantastic eats. Perhaps Indian? Have a wonderful Sunday!

Questions: What's your favorite way to relax?

Have you ever tried roiboos tea? Did you like it?


  1. I forgot how much airports will rob you for all you're worth. Green & Black chocolate is on sale all over the place for 2.50 here this week. If only I needed more chocolate, lol

  2. That "chocolove" brand is amazing! I really like the dark choco with raspberries. I keep meaning to try the roiboos at Starbucks but never do! I'm sure if it's vanilla-y I'll like it. And tea + a book = the perfect relaxation :)

  3. I've never tried roiboss tea. What's it like? I never go to Starbucks because I didn't think they had anything "friendly" for vegans.

    And I think my favorite way to relax would be to cuddle up with my boyfriend in a warm bed. Being in the company of someone special is priceless.

    red tea by han celestial is the best!

  5. and I spelled it wrong. shame.

  6. I love Cibo! They're everywhere in JFK...the JetBlue terminal has a MASSIVE one that gives me sensory overload! My favorite way to relax is definitely with chocolate as well. You're a girl after my own heart!

  7. Favorite way to relax is listening to music while eating something sweet :)

    Pure2raw Twins

  8. anything green and blacks is delish!

    fave way to relax is surfing blogs in stealth mode not commenting, or laying out reading mags, or just frittering around in the kitch!

    brownies/half pan..glad you got that anaology, you're the 1st person to even mention anything :)

    loved your idea of make me one to go/then "donate" it! i will use that!

  9. I love Chocolove, but have never had the Peppermint, in fact, I have never even seen it. (If I had, I would have def bought it!) The Cherry Almond Dark Chocolate is good, but I have to say, I like the extra strong dark, 77% Cacao!
    My favorite way to relax is exercise or reading.
    Love the blog!

  10. Oh no! I'm sorry that the chocolate was marked up so much- but I'm happy that you were able to justify the price of the other bar- Chocolate is necessary. haha
    &I love your blog! I can't even IMAGINE being raw on a college campus- I'm sure it's super difficult!!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!

  11. How come I never find awesome airport food???