13 May, 2010

Easter Throwback

So, I've been meaning to write this post since Easter, and in the spirit of finals' week, I'm doing it.

This is quite a throw-back, actually. I made baba ganouj again, but we didn't have any sesame seeds to make tahini, and I was too lazy to go out and buy some, so I just used sesame oil instead. It just didn't have the same taste, but it was still delicious.

The rest of the appetizer spread: salsa, organic corn chips, carrots, hummus, guac, baba ganouj, and some sort of pastry thing my aunt brought...

For dessert we usually have a lamb cake: pound cake with coconut frosting, cut and pieced in the 3D shape of a lamb. When I was little we would always buy the Sara Lee family size pound cake and cut that up. We'd frost it with canned frosting and coconut flakes. But after I caught the baking bug, I'd make the pound cake myself. Each year I'd try a different kind of frosting. This year I flavored the pound cake with coconut and almond and made Italian buttercream. I really do enjoy making complicated desserts and spending hours in the kitchen. But....no picture. Whoops.

Anyway, I wanted to make a raw dessert, and landed on this Twins' recipe. Perfect. I tweaked it a bit (how, I have no idea because I stupidly didn't write anything down, haha), but basically stuck to the recipe.

Before the dehydrator...

After the dehydrator...(ooo, apparently lights aren't my friends...)

Funny thing: someone had turned up the temp on the dehydrator, so I ended up baking the little cupcakes as opposed to dehydrating them...whoops. Hence they were a little dry. But had I not messed up, I'm sure they would have tasted much better!

I think it was ashamed of its dryness, so it was attempting to hide in the dark...

I wanted to concoct some kind of "cream cheese" frosting for them, so I blended some cashews with agave and some nutritional yeast. How did it taste? Just okay. It looked good, but it was really rich. I wouldn't do that again.

But I ate them! Apparently they are tasty to dogs, as I had one in my purse on the floor and my friend's dog snatched it out and nearly ate it, plastic bag and all. Haha...

Question: What's the biggest kitchen mishap or recipe mistake you've made?

Once I forgot to put eggs in a cake batter, which made the cupcakes turn out like cookies...but they didn't taste too bad!

If you do mess up a recipe, will you eat it or do you just throw it out?

For me, even if it tastes horrible, I'll probably eat it because I think I feel personally responsible, haha...


  1. I'm sorry the cupcakes didn't turn out the way you wanted...they sure look good!

    Biggest mishap was probably forgetting something was in the oven & then remembering hours later only to find a pile of ash lol

  2. At least they look gorgeous...nothing ventured, nothing gained right? I made some biscuits the other day that didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped :(

  3. Shame the cupcakes did not turn out as you hoped - but they look lovely especially the icing! Thank you for your comment on my blog. :)

  4. Hey I love your blog! I have had quite a few mishaps haha. The worst are forgetting to grease a pan when baking.

  5. I'm totally intrigued by subbing sesame oil in hummus... tahini is expensive and a pain to procure!

    My mistakes in the kitchen are many, but usually don't involve not following the recipe (I'm too Type A for that). My best friend, however, has not once but TWICE forgot to add sugar to an entire batch of cookies. The first time we remembered halfway through and scraped them off the cookie sheet partway baked and added it, and they were still fine. The second time, however, they were done... yet she still decorated them and brought them to a party because they were "pretty". And then everyone started calling them "biscuits" and two of our guy friends had a biscuit eating contest washed down with mountain dew... it was awesomely gross.

  6. go to this post

    there's a link for my raw vegan cheezecake.
    use that recipe. you were on the right trak with the cashews, just agave, no nooch, lemon juice, vanilla.

    i never throw food away, im cheap and find a way to salvage it come hell or high water LOL

  7. At least the cupcakes look cute :-)

    I would have loved to see that lamb cake. I'm a huge fan of cake decorating. My mom used to be a cake decorator. Her and her friend actually did a cake for the wedding of a soap opera actress.

    I don't like to waste anything. I usually just eat it anyway.

    One time I ruined a whole pot of vegetable lentil soup. It was good all the way until the part where I added the very hot pepper. I forgot to remove the seeds. It was probably the hottest soup I've ever tasted. It still burns when I think about it (and I like hot stuff).

  8. All of those appetizers sound amazing! And I have left the sugar out of muffins before- nottt good!

  9. Girl, we make a ton of kitchen mistakes all the time. It is a part of life and that is how you learn! They still look good though! :)

    Pure2Raw Twins