12 May, 2010

Guest Eats Appearance

Hey, good news! The final actually wasn't that bad. Whew. Four down, two to go.

I jumped out of bed this morning and ran to the gym, but it wasn't open. Okay, so I was there 20 minutes before it technically opened, but that's when I usually go because ROTC is there then. But apparently they weren't there today, haha. So I stretched while I waited for it open. I was going to do some HIIT, but my poor little shins weren't feeling it, so I ended up walking for 10, running for 5, and then doing 45 on the elliptical with my physio notes. Good times.

So, without further ado, I present the first ever appearance on this blog of what I eat in the cafeteria. I'm not going to lie, I pretty much eat the same thing everyday. Sure, I vary it up a bit here and there, but I love my hummus and spinach so much that I get it sometimes twice a day. Exciting, right?

I had a lovely dinner date with my best friend, Accounting, so I didn't have to explain any random food picture taking to my friends. Regardless, it was still a stealth picture.

Spinach, carrots, grape tomatoes, pine nuts, artichokes, and, you guessed it, hummus. And yes, you can see that I love hummus so much that it's engulfing the artichokes.

Lucky me, they had homefries!

After reading this delicious post, I had a hankering for homefries. These obviously weren't the best, but hey, at least it's something! Another point on the hummus: they usually have two or three flavors. That day they had regular and basil/pesto hummus. The basil one is my absolute favorite. It's got a great greenish color and a wonderful flavor.

I usually also have some fruit, but their fruit wasn't looking so hot, so I took a pass.

Beautiful, right? ;-)

Well, I'm off to study some more and eat lunch.

Question: What's the one thing you absolutely have to eat everyday? (besides chocolate, haha)


  1. Hold up, your best friends' name is Accounting?! That's actually pretty cool! I could never get sick of hummus and spinach either, but if there's a food besides chocolate I eat every day it's definitely apples!

  2. The one thing I have to eat everyday is my raw sauerkraut, I love it!!!! :) And I eat a lot of grapefruit too!

    Pure2Raw twins

  3. The food in your school cafeteria is much better than what I had in college. We had a salad bar, but no hummus.

    How did you know my answer was going to be chocolate? I guess I have to pick something else. I can't go a day without greens or bananas.