23 May, 2010

Exciting News!

I've got some exciting news that I'm finally ready to tell the blogosphere...but first, some random eats.

I bought a plantain a few weeks ago (after my DC trip inspired me) and just didn't know what to do with it. I looked at some recipes online, but then the convection oven in my dorm was out of commission, which subsequently cancelled all of those plans. But when the end of finals week was approaching, I knew I HAD to use it up, so I got myself a bowl from the dining hall and called up a friend in another dorm to see if her convection oven was working.

When I got the all-okay, I sliced up that plantain, greased the bowl with a little coconut oil, and popped it in the convection oven at 400 for about 25 minutes. They smelled fantastic, but I let them cool a little before I ate them. The verdict? I think they were way better than the fried plantains at Whole Foods. If you haven't had plantains before, please try them! Super delicious.

Like bananas, the skin needs to be black or near black for it to be super sweet.

Unfortunately, the naked plantain is not much to look at, haha.

I was surprised at how much yellower they were than bananas...

I have a secret: I flipped all the plantains over so you could see the crispy, caramelized bottoms. The tops? Not so much.

Close up of the deliciousness.

Still with me?

I also used up some random snacks:

I won't bother with the explanations and I'll just get to the exciting news.

This summer I'll be working abroad in Italy in a "luxury" hotel. It's part of a program through my college that you have to apply and be selected for, so I was very happy last April when I found out I made the program. I'll be leaving on Tuesday and I'm not sure when/where I'll get internet access, so my posts will probably be more sporadic during the summer. I'm thinking the tone will change to focus more on my travels, but don't worry, I'll be sure to take copious pictures of my food too! I am very excited and just can't wait to be abroad. I've been to Rome twice, Greece, and Mexico, but never to this particular part of Italy before, so it should be an adventure.

These last couple of days I've been running around buying things for my trip, and I think today I've got to pack everything. Eeek! I'm trying to bring as little as possible so I don't have to lug it all around, haha.

Have a wonderful Sunday! I finally made homemade hummus, so I'll be posting a picture tomorrow?

Questions: Have you ever been abroad? If so, where? Did you like it?


  1. Wow all your food looks great!
    And that trip abroad this summer seems FREAKIN' AMAZING!!! OMGoodness- sooo jealous! I'm sure you're gonna have an amazing time!!

    And I've been backpacking through Europe before- I have been to Prague, Germany, France, Italy, and Austria... amazingg!


  2. So exciting! I just read your comment on my blog and thought "What? Since when?". I've been to Rome twice, Greece once, France/Spain once, and Costa rica rainforest once. Rome BY FAR was the best. I don't speak a lick of Italian but will try to study abroad there junior year. This is so exciting! Congratulations and I can't wait to see pics from Italy. I know their dried fruit is soooo much better

  3. Congrats! That sounds like an amazing summer! I'm jealous : )

  4. Congrats girl! This is so exciting. We got to study abroad in Italy too while we were in college! It was so much fun! We got to travel all over Italy, best places for us were Venice and Florence :) You are going to have an amazing time, we can not wait to see all the pictures! Pure2raw Twins

  5. Congrats!! That sounds like sooo much fun!! And the plantains look yummy too.

  6. OMG Italy! You are so lucky. That's totally exciting... I hope you manage to post from overseas so I can live vicariously through your photos :)

  7. what a post!

    first, the trip abroad, omg i am thrilled for you, how exciting!!!!!! i have been to europe once, ages ago, you are going to have a trip of a lifetime!

    the platains. omg. genius method! I must! buy plantains soon!

    homemade hummus,that's the only way i will ever eat it! otherwise the garlic and salt in commercially prepared kills me..ick!

  8. CONGRATS on the job!! Sounds like such an incredible opportunity- a summer in Italy?! You're going to have the time of your life! Take lots of pictures, I can't wait to hear all about it!!

  9. WOW that is amazing! A luxury hotel in Italy?!?! That sounds like my dream! I went two summers ago and we stayed in some of the cutest bed and breakfasts. I think my favorite was in Siena. You will have such a great time!
    Oh, and those plantains look so yummy :)

  10. I once bought a plaintain but it didn't end up as something I would take a picture of...

    I went to Peru on a mission trip, but otherwise have not been abroad (Canada, sorry, you don't count)

    HELLO! why isn't your post just one big gloat about your job! that sounds so amazing! what a fun, unique opportunity

  11. That is an amazing oppurtunity and you will be in ITALY, so awesome, and amazing food. I am sure you will have the time of your life. So jealous! I applied for an internship I saw posted at school at (one of my favorite food companies don't want to name them and jynx it ;]) a popular food company [esp in blog world] I know it's a longshot but it would be fun working this summer for them.