07 March, 2010

Dalls Trip, Part Two

Ah, on to day 2!

So I woke up to a banana and small gala apple doused in cinnamon. I love sliced apples with cinnamon; it beats apples and nut butter, and this is coming from a girl who absolutely LOVED apples and peanut butter when she was little. 

I followed my sister to two of her classes, then came back when she went to her three hour thesis session. I didn't think I'd be able to sit there for that long! I went back to her apartment and decided to go on another adventure run. When I got back, I made myself this:

Delicious! And I did eat it with a spoon...

Since my sister had some raw cashews and almonds sitting in her fridge, I decided to make her a little thank-you gift. I concocted two kinds of nuts, an Asian chili ginger flavor I put on the almonds and a spiced almond flavor I put on the cashews. She doesn't have a dehydrator, so I just popped them in the oven on a low setting. They made the little apartment smell amazing. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before we gobbled them all up.

That evening we planned to go see "Valentine's Day" (not my kind of movie, but I knew my sister really wanted to see it, so I of course agreed). We were going to see it at an Indian movie theater that had Bollywood movies playing too. It was a pretty cool place.

We ate dinner at the place I've been dying to try for forever! (Well, actually, since last summer... ;-) ) It's called the Chaat Cafe, and my sister informed that it is a legit Indian restaurant, since late at night lots of Indian come in to eat. So it was good that it was authentic.

Don't worry, I did not eat all of this food...our two meals combined, haha.

 I ordered veggies (peas, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and I think green beans) in a curry sauce (but I forgot what it was called) and decided to get the dinner, which came with extra sides, so my sister could take the rest home for another meal. The sides were naan, rice, lentils, and Indian cheese with a spinach-y sauce over it.

My entree

Let's take a closer look...

The main dish was yummy! I really don't like rice, especially white rice, so I gifted that away. I tried a piece of the naan but really didn't like it that much. Ever since I stopped eating bread, I just don't have a taste for it. Which I guess can be a good thing...The lentils were tasty and tasted very similar to refried beans. Finally, the Indian cheese came in little cubes the size of dice and the spinach sauce tasted a bit like spinach and artichoke dip. Yum.

The lovely sides....

After our Indian food we hit up Jamba Juice for a tasty smoothie. I never order off the menu; I prefer to just have fruit juice and fruit in my smoothies, so I figured I'd create my own. I like to get carrot juice as my base (this tends to make the smoothie more like a juice, because I still haven't figured out how to get the people to just make a little bit of carrot juice, so the smoothie is thicker) and then add in banana (for thickness) and some type of berry. This time I got carrot, banana, and raspberry. Yum! It would be nice if Jamba actually had frozen pineapple to put in smoothies, but unfortunately, they only have pineapple sherbet. Boo...

Day 3 is coming (which a visit to the raw restaurant Bliss)!

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  1. Yummm! I am craving some Indian cuisine! Your meals look spectacular. Have fun at Bliss! :)

  2. I had Indian this weekend too! Definitely one of my favorite ethnic cuisines :) I can't get enough sweet potatoes recently, either!

  3. thanks for the link back and what a great indian adventure you guys had...yum!

  4. just found your blog girl!! ahh ive NEVER had indian food! so sad, right?

  5. You are in Dallas!!? I am in Houston right now! Hey I am sending you an email too lovely girl

  6. Just found your blog. Eating raw throughout college? And I thought I had it rough with just an all-natural diet! I can't wait to read more.