16 February, 2010

The Chocolate Post

Ahhh...what you've all been waiting for! My mother was sweet enough to send me a package of goodies...but I ate them before Valentine's Day. Naturally, I went out and bought more. ;-) However, I am giving up chocolate and trying to watch how much sugar I consume for Lent, so I figured it was my last big hurrah. Without further ado, the eats:

These were chocolate covered banana pieces; they were different than I expected. They were good, but they tasted a bit either like plastic or alcohol, I can't decide, haha. They looked like chocolate-covered raisins.

I had to be a representative for my club at an accepted students' reception at the college, and they had the most delicious appetizers: wine-marinated grapes, endive with walnuts and cranberries, and these beautiful chocolate-covered strawberries. They were oh-so delicious.

And again. Look at that yummy chocolate drizzle and strawberry juice oozing out!

Next up, these babies:

Chocolate covered almonds. I like these because they have a thick shell of chocolate around the almond, and the chocolate is pretty dark and not that sweet, like it should be! ;-)

It looks like a turtle, but it's not. It's a dark chocolate cashew cluster. It was pretty good, except a little too salty for my taste.

The inside, with a mammoth crater from where a cashew used to be...

Has anyone tried this flavor yet? It's Maya Gold ("bittersweet dark chocolate with orange and spices"). It's super delicious and almost as good as mint chocolate.

Hmm...where did it all go? :-)

And finally, my MOST FAVORITE dessert of all. I could eat these all day (well, not really, but I do enjoy them so!).

Carob-covered raisins, how I love thee!

Those little babies are delicious beyond belief! Too bad I won't have them for another 40+ days...

Of course, I did not consume all of these things in one day, though I would have liked to. I think I would have been all chocolated out if I did! I don't eat any other candy (non-raw, that is) but chocolate, and I prefer to have it as dark as possible.

Did you enjoy the chocolatey goodness of the post? What are your favorite chocolate candies?


  1. Amen foe the only candy I consume!!! Pics made me crave no lie.

  2. I saw some dark chocolate covered edamame at TJs on Sunday. I was curious to try it, but chickened out. Maybe next weekend... :)

    I LOVE choc. covered almonds and cashews. Pretty much anything covered in chocolate that's edible is welcome in my mouth!

  3. ohmygoodness!
    I love your blog, i just found it from someone's favourite blogs list.
    it's so funny, we have the same idea!
    [i'm also double majoring--biology and music.]
    check my blog out sometime.

    -Amy :)

  4. i am so in love with chocolate too..
    check this post, it's kinda insane :)