16 January, 2010

New Look

I finally decided to make the blog a little more colorful...do you like the new banner?

Continuing with the Christmas cookies theme, I had some leftover Samoraw filling, so I decided to concoct some sort of candy with it. Well, the only thing that came to mind was to make turtles, since technically, the Samoraw filling is supposed to caramel (with a hint of coconut!). So I took some raw walnuts that were chillin' in the freezer, plopped some filling on them, and squiggled some of the chocolate sauce on top. They actually weren't as tasty as I thought they'd be. I think it was the type of walnuts. The ones I get in bulk from Costco don't taste as good as the ones I order online, like from Nutsonline.com. But the best are the ones you crack open with a nutcracker...maybe they just taste so good because I had to work hard to get them, haha.

Raw Chocolate Turtles

Technically not a Christmas cookie, but I ate them like one...


  1. Love the new look! And that raw chocolate turtles :)

  2. Hey honey!!!! You have WON my giveaway! Drop me a line to girlonraw@gmail.com with your postal address and I will get it underway for you! Congratulations :)