21 January, 2010

A Beastly Salad

I thought I'd take a break from the Christmas cookies for just a moment, so I'm going to show you the lovely improvisation I made on my salad today. Not wanting to eat at the dining hall, I walked over the student center to see what kinds of eats they had. Usually it's the typical sandwich-pizza-chicken fingers, but today they had a mixed salad with berries. I was pleasantly surprised! Of course, the woman who was dishing it out neglected to give me a lot of the "goodies," you know- the blueberries, strawberries, onions, and sliced almonds. Oh well.

I took this sorry salad back to my room (I took a pass on the HFCS dressings) and doctored it up, adding: sliced cucumbers, kale (my favorite, next to spinach, of course), and horseradish mustard for the dressing. It was delicious!

Before: (look at that poor, sorry little salad)

After: (like a salad on steriods, haha)

More Christmas cookies to come! And check out Katie's awesome VitaMix giveaway...what a real beauty! (both the VitaMix and Katie, of course... ;-)

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