15 January, 2010

New Year, New Post

Hi everyone! Sorry for the quite long delay in posts. Though it's a bit late for this, I want to post the Christmas cookies I made. I actually haven't been doing much dessert making at home because I'm trying to cut back on nuts. Without further ado, my first cookie:

The Samoraw

Delicious, isn't it? I used a modified recipe from this one, with more almond pulp and some walnuts instead of the cashews and oats, and I used half of the coconut shreds called for. After dehydrating the base, I wished I'd made the cookies a bit thicker, as they were very fragile! But I was in a hurry to get them done before Christmas Eve, when my family usually partakes of the cookies for dessert.

I put all the filling into a plastic bag and piped it onto the cookies, instead of spreading it, when probably would have been a nightmare with those fragile cookies! I ground up some cacao and added it to the VitaMix with some maple syrup (not raw), coconut oil, and a few dates to make the chocolate syrup. I put this into another plastic bag and piped on the stripes of frosting. Yum.

They were a little messy, but for my first try, I thought they were terrific!

Stay tuned for my other Christmas cookies and my failed attempts at making a non-nut based pudding... ;-)

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  1. Mmm, I think I will try these soon! Bookmarking the recipe now. :)