29 January, 2010

Chocolate-y Pistachio Goodness

Okay, this is the LAST Christmas cookie post for a while...I promise!

I made these cookies last year in a non-raw version, and they were very rich but very delicious. Martha always knows how to come up with a good one! I loved them so much that I wanted to make a raw-version. For your viewing pleasure: my inspiration:

Delicious, right?

So I tried my hand at it. They pretty much tasted the same, except for the chocolate part. I didn't have coconut butter or cacao butter to make smooth raw chocolate, so I just used cacao powder, dates, and a little water. As you can see, it didn't really spread that well. I wish I would have taken a picture of the inside of the cookie, but it looked just like the inspiration cookie.

Chocolate Pistachio Lemon Cookies

Makes: A LOT


Cookie base:
0.75 cup shelled raw pistachios
4 Medjool dates
pinch Himalayan sea salt
juice of half a lemon

1 medium avocado
1.5 TBL carob powder
pinch Himalayan sea salt
drizzle of agave

Chocolate Ganache:
Please use whatever works the best for you, as mine obviously didn't, haha...

1. Place all cookie ingredients together in the food processor and process until very smooth.

2. Scoop dough into a plastic bag with the tip cut off. Pipe into quarter-sized circles on a dehydrator sheet.

3. Dehydrate approximately 8 hours, or until the outside of the cookie is dry, but the inside is still moist.

4. Meanwhile, process all the filling ingredients together and place in a plastic bag with the tip cut off.

5. Pipe a small dot of the filling on one cookie half, then top with a plain cookie half. Place in freezer.

6. Make raw chocolate ganache. Carefully remove cookies from freezer and dip into ganache.

7. Garnish with pistachio halves. Freeze.

8. Enjoy! (Keep frozen or at least refrigerated until they're all eaten!)

They take some time to make, but they're amazingly delicious! And if you haven't already, Katie's VitaMix giveaway is ending very, very soon! Enter now!


  1. Amazing! Looks delicious!
    Pure2Raw Twins

  2. Ah, it doesn't quite look like the top picture, but I bet yours has way more love in it! That's exactly how most of my things turn out! Even though the stuff I make tastes amazing, they usually look pretty gross.
    Way to go with the Hospitality degree! That's what I got my BS in!
    Look forward to reading your blog from now on!