17 November, 2009

Triple C Threats and a Promise

So last week I made the little carob cookies I showed in my last post, with every intention of shaping them differently and jazzing them up, but...I ate them. Thus, I have no picture.

But, this weekend I attempted to make chocolate chip cookie dough cookie balls, but they didn't turn out so well. They looked scrumptious and smelled scrumptious, but the taste was a little off, probably because I didn't have any salt or vanilla. Boo. But I'll still post the recipe below.

I've sort of run out of nuts as of today, so I'm going to see how this whole no-nuts thing works out. I'll be eating a lot more fruits and veggies then, since I usually snack on nuts throughout the day. It's just temporary until I can get some more, which probably will be next week. 

But this is a rather boring post, right?

So, I'm going to make a promise to post everyday this week, with PICTURES! And I'm going to challenge myself to see what fun things I can make with whatever I have lying around, which are basically chia seeds, carob powder, and coconut. I'm totally up for the challenge!

Tonight, banana ice cream? We'll see if the naners freeze in time.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookie Balls (a.k.a. Triple C Threat)

Makes: 8 Triple C Threats
0.75 cups cashews, unsoaked
2 TBL raw agave
a bit of water
1 TBL raw cacao nibs
carob powder to coat

1. Grind cashews in food processor until fine. Add agave and water and process till incorporated. Pulse in cacao nibs.
2. Form mixture into 0.5 inch balls and place into container with a little water or almond milk and the carob powder.
3. Shake container until Triple C Threats are coated.
4. Enjoy!

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