01 November, 2009

Return of the Posts

After not posting for eons, I finally got free and had the urge to make something. So I whipped out my food processor, some walnuts, carob powder, and raw agave, pulsed it up, then rolled the little truffles into raw cacao nibs or coconut. Delicious!

Exhibit 1: Cacao Nib Rolled
 Exhibit 2: Carob Powder Rolled
Exhibit 3: Coconut Rolled

Don't they look like little truffles or doughnut holes?

After last post's foray into raw chocolate, I did some reading up on carob and found that it is a natural emulsifier, which explains why the coconut oil did not incorporate into the carob powder. Bummer, but good to know. The raw chocolate will have to wait.

Quick Carob Cookie Truffles
Makes: 10 truffles


0.5 cup raw walnuts
2-3 tbls. carob powder
1 tbl. raw agave

dried coconut
carob powder
raw cacao nibs

1. Pulse walnuts in food processor until mealy, but not until the walnuts release their oils.
2. Add carob and agave and pulse until combined.
3. Form into quarter-sized balls and roll into desired toppings.

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