18 November, 2009

Green Machine

So, today I went to the little convenience store on campus looking for something to munch, in the absence of nuts. I found this:

I've had other Naked juices before, but since I went raw, I've stayed away since they are "gently pasteurized."  But when I saw the word "Superfood" on the bottle, I picked it up and looked at the ingredients. Surprisingly, it has broccoli, spinach, and spirullina in it. Yay! When I tasted it, the juice itself was a little thick, in a good way, and it was super sweet. I thought about adding some SuperFoods powder to it, but drank the whole thing too quickly.

It was really delicious, but kind of expensive, so it will have to be a little treat.

I had a lovely spinach salad with marinated mushrooms and a big bowl of cut up melon for both lunch and dinner. I've always eaten a lot of fruit, even when I wasn't raw. I'm pretty sure I'm known as the "fruit girl" based on the inordinate amount of fruit I eat at the dining hall. Then again, I'm not eating curly fries and mashed potatoes. :)

I am proud of myself for posting like I said I would, yay! I promise tomorrow will be banana ice cream.

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