04 October, 2009

Operation: Raw Cheesecake

So, I had this crazy idea when I got my mail order nuts to make cheesecake. At home, I make it all the time in various flavors, but I'm still trying to perfect the recipe. As a challenge, I decided it was time for cheesecake. (And I can't lie, I wanted a tasty dessert too...)

I soaked probably a cup and a half of raw cashews for six or so hours in a bowl near my window, til they were soft. I drained them and plopped them in the mini food processor, for lack of a VitaMix. I added the juice of one lemon, a tablespoon or so of coconut oil, and a teensy bit of agave, then attempted to blend it to a smooth texture. It did get smooth...kind of. It wasn't chunky or anything, but it could have been a tad bit smoother. I spooned the mixture into a little dish and stuck it in my freezer/fridge. Then I waited. And waited. Finally I attempted to unmold it and slice it up. Eagerly anticipating a delicious lemon cheesecake, I cut myself a baby sliver and took a bite. 

It tasted...interesting. The texture was a tad bit icy, but overall pretty firm! If I were living in the lap of luxury instead of in a dorm, I think the flavor would have been greatly improved by some extra lemon juice, vanilla, and himalayan sea salt. And maybe some raspberries, too. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

I ate the whole thing. I couldn't bear to waste precious cashews. But, I learned that it is possible to make raw cheesecake in a dorm. Cool, huh?


  1. I think its great to embark on a raw food diet whilst in a dorm. Keep it going!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Money Funk!