07 October, 2009

The Impromtu Peach Banana Smoothie

Hmmm...I ate a lot of dates again today. They are so delicious when they are fresh. On my salad at lunch today, I had an amazing little salad of spinach, onion, grape tomatoes, and feta. It was very delicious; probably not completely raw, but pretty much there.

I wanted to share a smoothie that I made the other day after discovering that my last peach (before I bought more at the farmers' market...and unfortunately the last harvest) was pretty much frozen from my crazy fridge/freezer. So, I peeled off the skin (which was actually quite easy to do), chopped it up, and threw it in the Magic Bullet with a splash of almond milk and a frozen banana. I blended it up till it got frosty. The consistency was like a soft sorbet, and it was delicious!

Doesn't it look tempting?

I'm almost out of nuts, so this weekend I'll be getting some more and making a trip to the health foods store (and perhaps Wegmans, where they have the most delicious carob covered raisins in the organic bulk food section). I'll keep you posted on my purchases!

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