08 May, 2010

A Recipe Sucess!

Ah...blogging is the perfect form of procrastination during finals week. I hopped on the bus to the grocery store today, hoping to get some great finals snacks. The trip was pretty much fail, since all I really wanted were figs and dates. But the figs were hard and not fresh and  the dates were too shrively looking. So I reluctantly took a pass. I bought some other chocolatey things but not any chocolate bars, because I just wasn't feeling it. I used to crave sugar (and I mean the processed stuff) ALL THE TIME, but ever since I started eating raw-ish, I really haven't. I still crave sugar, but the natural kind of sugar, such as in figs. Figs = love.

And sidenote: the bus driver was such a friendly guy. I was planning on studying on the way there, but he was so friendly and talkative that I figured, what the heck? Life's too short. So we had such a lovely conversation. He was so genuinely happy and fulfilled in life that it made me happy too. Have you ever had an experience like that?

I have to conserve my dining hall meal swipes this week, since I'll be able to actually eat there more times this week than in a normal week, so I had to forgo a solid meal today. Which meant a lot of snacking. And pretty much all I want right now are fresh veggies, but I don't have any...(actually, that's a lie. I have carrots, but I'm really craving spinach or broccoli).

But, while I was at the store buying some veggie brown rice sushi = love, I picked up some extra soy sauce packets in hope of recreating this tasty dish. Sweet potato salad with miso sauce.

Can you spot it? It the dish smack dab in the middle in the very back of the photo, creepin' by the teapots and my friend's shirt...

The convection oven finally got fixed in my dorm, so I hopped on down and baked up two lovely sweet potatoes for an hour and then cooled them in the fridge. I'm finding that I like the taste of cold sweet potatoes a lot better than warm, which is quite odd. I mixed up some pb, soy sauce, and agave with a little water to thin, then gobbed it on the potatoes, which I had diced.

Start with one unassuming tater, baked up...

"Ah, I'm naked!"

Apparently I need to work on my dicing skills...

What you can't see here is the fact that I mixed it up in the lid of my grapes container...recycling at its finest.

Gobs of goodness...

All mixed up.

The verdict? Deliciousness.

In other news, I have a creeper. His name is Accounting and I can't seem to get rid of him. He's ALWAYS around and pretty much monopolizes all my time. Oh wait, I think he's knocking now...eugh...


  1. I'm one of those people who loathes talking to strangers in public.
    I think eating raw just makes me crave more raw chocolate. I don't discriminate; it's all good.

  2. I crave chocolate pretty much 24/7, but the super dark stuff I love isn't really bad for you, so I always indulge. Soy sauce and PB- I am intrigued! What does that taste like?

  3. ::droolinggg:: that looks absolutely delicious!

  4. i love being around people who make me happy and are cheerful and pretty much detest being around negative types...:)