21 April, 2010

Bubble Tea, Foreign Films, and ... Peanut Butter

To finish up my trip (I feel like I've taken a trip nearly every weekend this semester...I promise I actually do work sometimes, haha):

A few of the random things we did throughout the weekend: 

- went to a classical vocal concert dress rehearsal

- saw a great movie, "Farewell," at the DC International Film Festival (it was in Russian and French with English subtitles, and was by the same director as "Joyeux Noel," another great movie)

- walked around Georgetown

- did some real estate browsing

- visited TJ's

-took the Metro a LOT...

-and I had my first bubble tea!

It was lychee flavored...delicious!

On Saturday morning we ate at Busboys and Poets, an activist cafe named after the poet Langston Hughes. The food there was terrific. I knew that later that day we'd be eating at a tea shop, so I didn't want to have too much (partially prompted by the copious amounts of chocolate and German cookies graciously offered to me by my friend). One of the first things I saw when I walked in were the homefries. They looked absolutely delicious and I immediately settled on having that, although the sweet fugi apple and gorgonzola sandwich with fig spread on walnut raisin bread (whew, what a mouthful!) was calling too. I also got some freshly squeezed carrot juice. It was so creamy and carroty; just the way I like it. I'm sorry I don't have pictures; we ate with some of his friends and it just would have been awkward to take pictures. I'd definitely go there again.

The restaurant highlight of my trip was to Teaism, a tea shop and restaurant. There are three locations, and we went to the one in Dupont Circle, which was right by Embassy Row. It was fun to see all the flags of the different countries there.

I like eating little portions of a lot of different foods, instead of eating a meal with say, three items of a normal portion. So we decided to do a tapas type thing and order a lot of their side dishes. First the tea. I am an avid tea drinker; NOT a coffee person at all, haha. We got the Africa Star tea, which was a fruity tea, to share. Next up, the sides. We decided on the:

Naan with mango chutney 

Sweet Potato Salad with miso sauce 

Asian Slaw with spicy mayo dressing


Palak Paneer: Indian spinach curry with homemade cheese, Indian brown rice & raita.

It was all very delicious. My favorite was the sweet potato salad, followed closely by the naan. My friend's was the Asian slaw. It was creamy at first, then you got the kick from the pepper in the dressing.
We saved room for dessert and got the chocolate tort with green tea gelato and a salty oatmeal raisin cookie (this one to go). The chocolate tort was alright; it improved on eating. The cookie was delicious; not too salty, but very oaty.

The spread...

The green tea gelato...

See the salt grains on top of the cookie?

I would highly recommend Teaism if you're in the DC area. I can't wait to go back again.

Haha, just a quick note on WF again. I forgot to mention in my last post that we tried the So Delicious green tea coconut ice cream. Did we like it?

We ate the whole pint.

That dinner was a wild one. I can now say that I've experienced peanut butter on brussel sprouts, citrus roasted potatoes, and green tea coconut ice cream. And you know what, it was pretty good.

Question: What's the weirdest/oddest food combination you've had? (Evan, I was thinking of you and PB with homefries...)

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  1. I'm so excited you found the green tea so delicious ice cream! I haven't been able to get any of the newer flavors :-/

  2. Green tea gelato sounds amazing! YUMMMM

    Pure2Raw Twins

  3. what a great trip and eats, how fun for you!

  4. hey girl!!!!

    i loveeeeeeeeee indian food! love it!

    last night i had a mung bean dal...yummers!!!


    thanks for the comment...made me smile...

  5. I love going to Teaism. I like eating in the little nook upstairs. That's also where I had my first bubble tea :-)