06 May, 2010

"Doe" a Deer...

Sorry for my prolonged absence...I've been rather busy with my last week of classes and the beginning of finals week.

I've been eating a lot of these:

Bosc pear.

And these:

Organic gala, how I love thee.

And most importantly, a TON of these:

Adorable, right? His name was Percy.

Funny thing: When I was studying at my desk in the morning, I heard lots of car horns honking, so I glanced out my window and saw three deer crossing the highway. Awkward. So what did I do? What any normal, easily distracted from studying student would do: stand in front of the window for five minutes and attempt to capture a decent picture of them. And guess what? I did. Lame, right?

Good... (I love the truck in the background...)



At my dinner Sunday night we went to a sushi restaurant called the Fuji Grill. I knew I wanted sushi, but I also wanted to try something different, so I ended up ordering the avocado salad, mixed veggie roll (with brown rice, yay!), and seaweed salad. I was most excited about the seaweed salad because I needed some greens in me! I don't have pictures from the restaurant, but I did have leftovers...

The avocado salad was basically a mixed iceberg salad with a half avocado sliced on top, sprinkled with sesame seeds. A ginger-orange-carrot dressing came on the side. The veggie roll was your standard carrot, cucumber, avocado filling, but it did have some sort of pickled veggie in it, though I couldn't identify it. It also was light on the brown rice, which was excellent because I don't really like rice. But the seaweed salad? Delicious. It had a sesame-soy dressing on it and was again adorned with sesame seeds. It didn't taste fishy or anything, just delightful. I think I've found my new favorite.

The remnants of the avocado salad atop the seaweed salad...

I ate it with chopsticks...beautiful.

My food processor and Magic Bullet have been busy this week...I'll show you what I "made" in the very near future. Don't get too excited, though. The convection oven is still not fixed, so I did all I could with what I could take from the dining hall, which is...fruit, haha.

Have a great Thursday!

Questions: Have you tried seaweed salad? If so, what do you think of it?


  1. I love seaweed salad!! My only problem is when it's really oily- totally gross and slippery. Good luck with finals girl!!

  2. I LOVE seaweed of all sorts, especially salads. It would never have lasted as leftovers post-dinner!

  3. Good luck with your finals! I finished mine on Tuesday.
    I've never tried seaweed salad, but it's on my (growing) list of foods I want to try!

  4. seaweed salad is good. I mean not something i eat frequently but it's all in the spices/dressing b/c the noods themselves are a little bland. i posed a raw noodle recipe today!

  5. Love seaweed salads! I had one while over in Paris and I am determined to re-create it soon. I will let you know when I do!

    Pure2Raw Twins

  6. I've nevver tried seaweed salad but I've been eating multiple bananas per day! it's crazy