06 April, 2010

Too Much Candy, a Good Surprise, and a Bad Surprise

Sigh...I've done it again. I've eaten too much candy. I told myself that once I finished my Easter candy, I would practice some restraint, but apparently that didn't process, as I went out and bought myself more candy. So, to really motivate myself, I am vowing to eat cleanly for the next two weeks.

There. I said it. And since it's in the blog world, it's official. ;-)

Why two weeks, you say? Well, that's because that's when I'm going to do a crazy thing. Well, it's really not that crazy, just slightly crazy for me. Last week I spontaneously booked a flight to go visit my friend for the weekend. It was totally not planned, but it will be so nice to see him again because I haven't seen him since early August and he'll be in Germany through the summer and all next year. I had to book it using my mother's credit card, which leads me into my next dilemma.

I demagnetized my credit card. Stupid me. And I forgot the password to my online account, so I didn't want to use it because then I obviously couldn't pay the bill online. So I need to call the people to help me out. So...I better get on telling my mom that that $250 charge that I really can't afford is legit and will be coming her way in the very near future, haha. She probably won't be too thrilled.

So, those are my two updates. I hope that wasn't a bore!

Now for some of today's random eats:

The dining hall had BLUEBERRIES! Can you believe it? I was so elated that I took some back to my room, bowl and all. They were so delicious.

For a snack I had one of my favorites, banana slices dipped in carob powder. It's like chocolate, only not.

Step one: Slice the banana on the fancy schmancy banana peel plate.

Step two: Open the bag of carob and inhale its wonderful goodness.

Step three: Fork a banana slice, dip it in carob, and enjoy...

Between copious amounts of the aforementioned candy (I am giving the rest away so this does not happen again, haha...practice self control, Claire), I had this little rabbit that my aunt gave me. Apparently one of her neighbors made it.

I'm not sure you can even tell this is a rabbit anymore...

So, recap. I think I need to put this down. No more candy. I know I just gave it up for Lent, but I'm going to stick it out for two more weeks. Besides, I think I just ate two weeks' worth of candy.

Clean eats. Fruits and veggies are my friends for snacks, not candy. (Do you see a pattern here?)

Question: What's the one thing you can't get enough of?


  1. I can not get enough of overly roasted sweet potatoes. I know they're healthy, but they're so sweet and like eating air and I could just eat and eat and eat them. I find things like chocolate and peanut butter, while fattier, much more satisfying

  2. can never get enough cruciferous veggies! Love them all!
    thx for your great comment re raising a healthy kid :)

  3. HAHA I do the dip and go with carob powder too! Especially with strawberries. Don't take too much and inhale at the same time. It's not pleasant.

  4. I love the banana + carob idea, I need to try that!! I can't get enough apples. They're definitely my second favorite food, after chocolate!! Hope you have a great hump day :)