06 December, 2009

Green Feast

So, I made a stop at the grocery store to stock up on a few things for lunches and the awkward times that I have to eat. I got all the fixins for guacamole, but I didn't want to buy a huge bunch of cilantro, since I wouldn't use it all. I got all excited when I saw little tubes of herb paste, but was disappointed when I checked the ingredients and saw that there was whey in it. Bummer.

But I chopped up some avocado, onion, tomato, squeezed a little lemon juice, then spread it on spinach, and sprinkled it with sprouts. Now, I'm not a fan of sprouts, but I know they're little powerhouses, so I eat them anyway. And this was the fruit of my labor:

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  1. Thanks for commenting on our blog. Now we found you ; ) Look forward to reading more!

    I love avocadoes!

    Pure2Raw Twins