21 November, 2009


Well, I thought I was out of nuts. Not so, my friends, not so. I found a little bag of some walnutty crumbs, so I decided to, naturally, make cookies. I threw in some carob, the last of my almond milk, and some stevia. But I was a little heavy-handed with the almond milk. Whoops. The mixture was a little watery, so I added some coconut. It turned into more of a macaroon type cookie instead of what I usually make. I stuck it in the freezer to get a little hard (inspired by these babies). This is what came out:

Sorry for the poor quality picture; the lighting wasn't right. After I finished eating it, I realized that I had wanted to make Ani's carob cookies made with walnuts and raisins, since I had some random raisins laying around. Oh well, I'll be home and in a kitchen in three weeks, which will make for some exciting posts that don't all revolve around dessert, haha.

Oh, and for dinner last night, I had the most wonderful salad: spinach, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds, and feta cheese (I almost got excited and thought the cheese was goat cheese, but...it wasn't. Bummer.). Obviously not all raw. I've realized that I like the taste of raw almonds so much better than roasted almonds. To me roasted almonds have too much of a burnt taste. I can't wait until I can have some almond butter again. Then I'll resurrect the Banana Butter Cup Pie. Yum.

I've got a 5k tomorrow, so I have to rest up and fuel my body tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

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  1. I agree with you on the roasted almonds. They taste burnt to me too. The only other almonds I like in salads (with some button mushrooms and "bacon" bits) is candied almonds... so good.