08 September, 2009

Post One

Welcome to the blog!

I'll do a little explaining, since it is the first post...I'm a college undergrad who recently converted to the raw food lifestyle. As of right now, I'm not totally raw, as I'll eat cooked veggies and goat cheese, but I'm definitely a vegetarian.

I was a little apprehensive about exactly what I could eat at the dining hall (read: chicken fingers, fries, and pizza!!!), but I've actually been pleasantly surprised. I'm pretty sure none of it is organic, but hey, I'll take what I can get. I've been able to make some big salads and veggie plates. However, I did stock up on nuts and dates, so I snack on those in my dorm room.

My loving mother sent me away with some of her sun-dried tomato flax crackers, which I eat with some raw sheep's cheese. Luckily, I also brought a mini food processor (which I haven't used yet) and the great Magic Bullet, which has come in handy for protein shakes. One of these days I'll make some cookies with the dates and walnuts I have, but that will be when I'm not so busy!

Stay tuned for more updates and...pictures!

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