14 September, 2009

Farmers' Market

This semester is very exciting, as there is a small farmers' market on campus! I was very excited to go this afternoon, because then I would be able to stock up on some veggies and fruit that I couldn't get at the dining hall. They had a lot more than I expected! Baby watermelon, gladiolas, zucchini, peppers, hot peppers, etc. They had the quintessential bushels of various apples, plums, peaches, and tomatoes. Craving tomatoes, I bought four huge, red, juicy looking tomatoes, which I will probably use to make my version of a Caprese salad. The "not-quite perfect" peaches looked inviting as well, so I bought those. They are extremely large; the size of softballs practically!

I'm not a fan of softer apples, like Macintosh, so I was going to hold out on buying any apples. I asked if there were any varieties close to Gala (my favorite) for sale. Unfortunately (and fortunately) they won't be available until next week, but the seller gave me a JohnnyMac (?) to try, which was tart, but crisp. But I'm waiting for the Galas...

I'll definitely post what I do with my farmers' market finds.

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