30 March, 2010

The Shower and some Whole Foods Fun

I survived the baby shower. 

It was by far the longest shower I have ever been to. We helped set up around 11, and the shower actually started at 12. It was held at an Italian place, so I kind of figured what the menu was going to hold: pasta, pasta, and more pasta. Even before eating mostly raw, I never liked pasta. At all. Call me weird (and some people have), but pasta was never my thing. Even when my family traveled to Italy, I still did not like their freshly made pasta (however, the panini and pizzas were delicious, haha). I was partially right: there were two kinds of pasta with red or bolognese and a pan of chicken parmigiana, but they had this gorgeous salad laid out, full of romaine, onion, tomato, and olives. No cheese, yay! I had a small plate of salad and then a dinner plate of salad when everyone else went up for the pasta/main course. They women at my table kept commenting, "Oh, you're so good. Look at her." It did make me a little uncomfortable, but I brushed it off.
Thank goodness for Lent, as I could use it as an excuse for not eating any of the HUGE shower cake. It was very pretty, though.

My cousin ended up opening gifts for (and I am not exaggerating) THREE hours. No joke. It was pretty painful. And ridiculous. It made me not want to have kids.

Yesterday I went shopping at Whole Foods with my mother to stock up on produce. I LOVE grocery shopping. I would grocery shop for other people if I could. I love the little fruit samples they have at Whole Foods. Sometimes I get lucky and they have chocolate covered almonds, sushi, or some other little treat that I'd like. This recent trip they had haroset, a Passover dish consisting of dates, apples, walnuts, raisins, and honey.

It was pretty good. We purchased my favorite: figs.

Who took at bite out of this guy?

These beat dates any day. Speaking of dates, I've consumed my body weight in figs this past week. So many, in fact, that my mother bought THREE containers. Oh boy.

Date heaven...

And guess what turned up at Costco? My other absolute fav (I know, I know, it seems like I have a lot of absolute favorites...)...

Slightly dark, but I'm sure you can tell what these juicy babies are...

Blueberries! I've waited so long and they taste delicious. I eat blueberries like someone would eat popcorn. Tomorrow I'm heading off to Notre Dame to visit a friend for the night. I've eaten in their dining hall before, but I can only remember breakfast. It's supposed to be really good, but I'll be the judge of that, haha...

Today's been one of those days when nothing I eat seems to hit the spot. I've been snacking around for the past hour, but nothing tastes right.

Questions: Do you ever have those days where nothing tastes right? 

What's the most painful event/shower you've had to go to? (and I mean painful as in torturous, not emotionally painful, to keep it light...)


  1. I've never been a big pasta person either...give me a pizza any day!! I've definitely gotten some awkward comments about my eating habits. The worst is when they're not rude, so you can't be snarky back, but they definitely have a critical edge to them. I just smile and say something like "yeah, I love my veggies!" I think a lot of people feel guilty when they see others eating less/more healthfully, and try to get them to indulge, too.

    Have fun at Notre Dame!! I have a lot of friends there, and they love it :) And to answer your question, my tofu sammie is tofu, vegenaise, carrots, lettuce and spices on a WW pita. Super delish!!

  2. Definitely have those days (yesterday)! And blueberries are indeed fantastic, almost as fantastic as fruit samples at whole foods :D Hope Notre Dame goes well!

  3. I love grocery shopping!!! Especially at Whole Foods and Earthfare :)

    Thanks for all your entries into my giveaway!!

  4. Oh girl, we love grocery shopping as well. Even looking at foods that we would not eat is fun to us - in a weird way ;)

    Pure2Raw Twins

  5. Painful events! I'm a musician in the military and two weekends I had a gig which lasted 7 hours, in a tight red uniform, playing pieces that the people who were meant to listen couldn't even hear! They were having a banquet inside and we were out in the hall, it was ridiculous.

    AND OMGOODNESS. I would TOTALLY grocery shop for anybody if I could! It is relaxing! I don't know why, but there's something therapeutic about it.