25 March, 2010

The Best Breakfast Ever

Who doesn't love bananas and peanut butter? Not me, for sure. 

(Notice the lovely banana peel and my computer in the background...)

I pretty much re-discovered its deliciousness two weeks ago, and I think I'd had it everyday since then. I love slicing up the banana and spreading it up with creamy peanut butter. I would rather use almond butter or another nut butter, but I'll take what I can get here. (I didn't want to run out to the store with only a few days left until spring break) The cafeteria has these little packs of peanut butter that come in these adorable cups. I have a horrible sense of estimating sizes and amounts, so I naturally thought that each of these little cups was a tablespoon. Um...a few days ago I realized I was pretty much wrong. Whoops. Guess I shouldn't have eaten four of them... :-/

I know a lot of you are fans of oats in the morning, but I just can't get into them. Oatmeal has never been something I've liked. I would love to just eat the toppings that all of you garnish your oatmeal with, but I don't think it would keep me full, haha.

Today my friend and I are going to set up an appointment with one of the execs on campus to talk about a possible revamp of our dining system. We had written a proposal detailing how the hospitality students on campus would run the whole dining facility (getting credit for it) and presented it to the Hospitality dean, who surprisingly went for it! We were so happy. He suggested presenting it to the next level, so that's what we're going to do today. Hopefully the project works, because better dining would make college SO much better AND keep more money in my wallet, so I don't have to keep running to the grocery store for sustenance.

So, what's your normal breakfast? Anything you have to religiously have everyday?

It's almost Friday...hooray!

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  1. We cannot do oats nor peanut butter. Our breakfast is normally a large green smoothie.
    Pure2raw twins

  2. I love soy yogurt messes, cereal, or oats! Bagels are also really big on my list. :) I love bananas smeared in nut butter - so simple, yet so good! I need to try that again soon!

  3. I almost always have oatmeal with nut butter and yogurt. It works for me.
    Have you tried sweet potato smothered in pb? It's unreal

  4. I eat cereal religiously. Every morning! I also love oats, but I usually have them for lunch, because it's just not breakfast without my cold and crunchy bowl!!

  5. that combo was my obsession in the summer, be careful with it though! I haven't eaten peanut butter in months because I heard it was toxic, also if you don't watch it you will start gaining :( (nottt cool). And religiously I would have to choose my morning smoothies with spinach. and bananas! Also anything with chia seeds!

  6. I'm a multigrain cereal kinda guy (not just oats but others) soaked in the fridge overnight rather than all mushed up by cooking them. Or soaked wheat berries or soaked whole oats. Yeah, I like my grains! Also, good luck with your dining services! We have a company called BonAppetit and they are fantastic, but I am working with them on our hydroponic garden (which is awesome) and the real goal of setting up a dedicated vegan dining hall!

  7. Hi
    Your comment about the dining services being run by students reminds me of a program here in Asheville, NC where the students do just that! It's at Warren Wilson College. Not only do they help with all aspects of the dining room, they even grow the food.

  8. Lol well I am an oatmeal gal ;) I don't have it religiously though. I like to switch it up with toast, English muffins, pastries, etc :D I too LOVE bananas and peanut butter. Actually, I made some pecan butter the other day (it's soooo delicious--my favorite nut butter for sure), and of course tried it with banana.. and dates and a whole lot of other things lol.


    p.s. I got the Lemony Goddess Dressing!! I haven't tried it yet, but I will definitely let you know what I think of it :)

  9. only one way to do breakfast in my books!